Guangxi products show 2018

Stage set for largest Chinese trade exhibition again in Sri Lanka

Guangxi products show 2018


Opportunities to take Lankan products to Chinese markets

Guangxi products show 2018

To be held from May 18th to 20th at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC)

It is no secret that the relationship between Sri Lanka and China has a very long history. There is ample proof that there were good and friendly ties between Sri Lanka and China way back as far in the fifth Century. This has been the case till date.

From ancient times there were several trade routes that linked China to the West. The ancient Silk Route is one such famous example. Sri Lanka was privileged to be one country en-route the ancient Silk Road where goods were transported by ships to different parts in the world.

In ancient times Sri Lanka had two harbors wherein the Silk Route ships used to berth and anchor.This was in Trincomalee and Godawaya. The trade friendship that started between the two countries in ancient time have now reach zenith with Chinese market, Chinese industry and technology drawing the interest of Sri Lankan business community like never before. Lankan businessmen travel frequently to China to discover, explore and purchase new Chinese products. However this is a very costly time and energy consuming travel itinerary for the business fraternity in Sri Lanka.

It would be a wonderful opportunity it Sri Lankans could get the opportunity to explore Chinese products technology and no-how, sans exorbitant travel cost, waste of time and energy. This opportunity now opens for Sri Lanka businesses from May 18-20 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC) with the launch of the 2018 China Guangxi Products Exhibition (Sri Lanka) & China Guangxi Brands Silk Road Series (Sri Lanka). The spectacular events are organized by the Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

This is the second time that such a massive fair introducing Chinese products is held in Colombo. One could question as to what are the benefits that would derive from such fairs. What would converge is that a number of top Chinese companies making inroads to Sri Lanka with their products. This would create ample opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs get familiar with Chinese goods and opportunities open to them in Chinese markets as well. It will also provide rendezvous for industrialists, entrepreneurs and producers to exchange their views and Know-how. The Sri Lankan business fraternity will get the opportunity to see for themselves the products of over 67 Chinese companies. Over 1,000 Sri Lankan companies will also get the opportunity to display their products at the fair along their Chinese counterparts for the potential Chinese market.

Mechanical, electronic, small industry, metal and chemistry products with take the limelight at the exhibition. In addition food, animal feed medical products, clothes and garments too will be available for inspection and perusal by interested parties.

The exhibition which will be held in the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC) will consist of four sessions. The first will be the introduction session conducted at Cinnamon Lakeside commencing at 11 am on May 14. The introduction ceremony will be held on May 18 at 10.30 am as the second session. Opportunities for the business community to meet and discuss investment and the increase of production will unlock at 2 pm the same day. The forth step will be the Jewelry and gem exhibition which will take place on May 19 at 3 pm at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC).

It will be a rare occasion where the Sri Lankan traders will get the unique opportunity to work and interact under one roof with the pioneer Chinese trading companies .There will also be a change in the Chinese goods import culture, where Chinese goods are imported into the country. Similarly there will also be an upheaval in Sri Lankan exports to the Chinese market. This could be easily termed as a friendly breeze coming from the new Silk Route into Sri Lanka.

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